Friday Faves: 5 Summer-to-Fall Transitions Pieces

Friday Faves: 5 Summer-to-Fall Transitions Pieces

We pick only three tops, two bottoms, and one outwear for this weeks Friday faves! Consider this a mini-capsule of sorts. I had the idea to take just 5 pieces of clothing and create 10 different outfits from them. I’m not going to lie, this was tough! I think they key to making this work was choosing a color palette—for me, that was a more transition colors into fall. Overall, this would make a good weekend outing or simply hanging around the house. Here is our top 4 looks! 




Caged in Tee, White

Hear Me Out Tee, Black & Leopard 

Thunder Rock and Roll on Strawberry Daiquiri Acid Wash Tee


The Sedona Shorts with Pockets, Mustard

Classic Leopard Flare Pants 


Out on Main Street Duster with Leopard and Floral



Our first casual and fun look with our Sedona Shorts in mustard paired with our Rock in Roll graphic tee.

Next, we dressed up this look with the white caged tee + mustard shorts + main street duster.


close up details of the kimono and caged in tee 

Next look is we are adding our classic leopard print flare pants 

and finally our mono-printmatic classic flare pants + hear me out tee, stripes and leopard