About Us

Grace & Emma is a subsidiary of Southern Grace Apparel LLC.

Rosie and Ashi, the two sisters and founders behind Southern Grace, built Grace & Emma as brand to uplift women. We are committed to providing trendy, yet graceful, fashion that is size inclusive, comfortable, and designed to make you feel your best. At Grace & Emma, we are dedicated to humanizing interactions from our workplace to our customers. To achieve our mission, we will focus on regularly uplifting others and doing work we are proud of.


Pictured above: Founders and Sisters, Ashi Mitha (left) and Rosie Jinnah (right)


Supporting Teachers

Chances are teachers didn't pursue the profession for the money. They did it for a higher purpose. From budget cuts to rising supply costs, teachers constantly get the short end of the stick. The two sisters behind Grace & Emma decided if they were going to pursue a clothing company, they wanted to give back to teachers. Grace & Emma is partnering with Donors Choose to donate to classrooms on a weekly basis. We're also offering a profit share program with teachers, through Shopify Collaborators. Click here for the Profit Share Program